Friday, April 27, 2018

And a Dove Nearly Flew into My Windshield

I love to pay attention to the animal messengers that appear in my life, the usual and the unusual.
I know it is support arriving in some form.  I don't always even have to figure out what it means, just that the arrival is there and I am noticing it.  I am aware.

So... a tom turkey fluffing out his feathers in an obscured area off the side of a road I frequently travel, a fox walking leisurely close to the side of the road a very short distance from my home, a dove nearly hitting my windshield, and a set of robin wings without a body in the middle of my driveway.  These are unusual.

When I am unable to understand some situation in which I find myself, I consult my two favorite Oracle decks;  The Ascended Masters and Kuan Yin - Bodhisattva of Compassion.

When I pulled cards for myself (usually 2), I got Master Jesus whose card had the theme of forgiveness and Brigid whose card emphasis was inner strength. I felt the support and cried knowing
The River Yangtze
these two were perfect for this moment.  My previous cards were Mother Mary (Peace and Love) and Kuthumi (Wisdom).  The second Oracle deck of Kuan Yin wisdom made my jaw drop.... I always leave the last card I pulled flipped over so that I know what my reading was last time.  The last 3 times that I have pulled cards from this deck, I have gotten the exact same card.... about the Sacred River Yangtze which talks about flowing in the river of pure light and includes a meditation surrounding yourself in this light.

Usual and unusual signs of support... steady none-the-less, keeping me awake and present, reassuring me that my path is blessed and I am encouraged by many beings.

<3 EE

Friday, January 19, 2018

Injury as a Portal

I'm almost fully recovered from a neck immobilization.  Oh how lovely it is to have neck movement.  Even washing your hair or putting oil on your face is painful.  It doesn't matter how my pain and immobility arrived, but today I'm observing the lessons it has taught me.

So many things are swirling around you in your world.  Child relationships, child health, parent interactions, lover and romantic partner 'dancing', career satisfaction, your contribution to society, dusting and making sure the cat litter is cleaned. ;)  Oh and dishes... there's always dishes!

And then you neck stops working and actually doesn't allow you to sleep.  So you stop.  You must.  You are unable to even lay your head down on the pillow without pain. 

And there's your portal.  Time is stopped.  You are suspended.  You are given the chance to look deeper into the conditions surrounding the onset and the relief of the discomfort.  In my case, these questions seemed appropriate:  Who's being a pain in the neck?  How is this reflecting your inflexibility?  How is this carried out in multiple relationships?  What is the emotion or hurt behind it?  What boundary needs to be created or limitation removed? 

Maybe the pause is all that's needed and none of these questions even need to be answered because that can be a rabbit hole.  But  LIFE is supporting you fully and always.  Take the Portal Timeout.  Just see what bubbles up!

<3 EE

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Simple and Brilliant

I was listening to a cover of Hallelujah by Cohen and found myself contemplating what song is the most covered song.... so I asked google.  I was brought to an article of the top 10 covered songs.  The Beatles hold most of the spots with number one being 'Yesterday'.  One of the songs further down the list was 'And I Love Her'.  I hadn't heard the song in a while so I went to youtube and watched a live version of them playing the song.
Simple brilliance.  

When I was a college student studying abroad, I went to Pere-Lachaise cemetery outside of Paris mostly because my friend wanted to see Jim Morrison's grave.  But the most moving image I remember from that cemetery is an above ground stone grave box shaped with one vase atop and in the vase; one single yellow rose in a back bend. 

Simple and moving.  No name on the grave.  Just a body laid to rest and someone added a single rose.

I think of all the things we add to our lives in an attempt to make them better.  Perhaps, we mostly just need to remove.  And go back to that Golden Rule.  Love one another as you Love yourself.

May I learn to live Loving unconditionally.  And may my example of this, be a beacon that amplifies and gathers others into this flow.  <3 EE

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Your Wake

This is not about the celebration of life you have when you pass, but about the wake you leave behind you as you make your way through this life on earth.

Think about it... Do you cause disturbances?  Do you cause destruction? Do you leave people scratching their heads?  Do you remain lovingly connected as friends with the lovers from which you part?  Do you uplift and inspire?  Do you leave little wake, make little difference?  Is your exit even felt?

As you drive down the road... do little sparkles of magic trail from your tailpipe... blessing and annointing everything behind you?  That's my vision as I drive and as I live.  Pixie dust blessings to ALL! <3  EE

Monday, February 8, 2016

Lessons of Love

Momma Bear Paw
Single Mom here... doing my thing, making sure my 3 kids have what they need which sometimes means, mittens/hats/boots delivered to school after children are dropped off, buying ANOTHER pair of pink ballet slippers for program photos because they have gone missing, and running over to Dad's house for that well-loved blanket for snuggling.... AND filling my 'free' weekend up with sleepover birthday parties with far away friends.

At first I didn't want to take on the request of a 3 hour drive and a night of having the young ladies keeping me up, but I saw in my daughter's eyes how she really longed to see her friends whom she hadn't seen in months.  Then I decided the planning with the parent (who is a newly married ex-boyfriend) and the time out of my schedule was a service that I would love to do for my daughter.

I asked her what she wanted to eat for dinner on Friday night and Saturday morning and what she wanted to do for activities (movie and bowling).  I figured out the timing with the 3 hour round trip to return them home.  Then I jumped into the flow of service.

I set the table.  I made the meals,  I did the dishes.  I listened to the girls. I learned about how their lives have been since I had been around them.  I learned that one of them had started her period and I happily welcomed her to womanhood.  Listening to their life now with new step-mom and parents not in alignment with custody, I realized that serving these girls was my gift to them... even if for only 24 hours.

By deciding to be of service to my daughter, I also was able to give her friends, two sisters, a bit of relief from the environment of their home.  They received time away where they could play without worries.

Service is always great choice.  This is my lesson of love.

Friday, August 14, 2015


I'm contemplating lessons in life at the moment.  Relationships seem to be in the forefront as usual.
 Relationships are such wonderful teachers... reflections of our inner status.

If each moment comes with a gift, each relationship does as well on a much larger scale.  Each relationship is an invitation to know ourselves better through the reflection of The Other.  It's not to find what's wrong with us or what we need to change or fix, but to observe what it is we're drawing in at this point in our lives.  What kind of people are you meeting?  What are their interests?    Do you see any patterns... artists, musicians, bankers, lawyers, hippies, animal lovers?  Where do your conversations go?  Are you meeting people who are needy or people who are open to give and love?

We get to view The Other as a gift and a teacher and offer acceptance of all that they bring to our attention.  Maybe it's not what they represent in your life, but maybe it's what is missing.  Only you know what The Other is there to show you.  This might seem scary at first, but it's very empowering.  You don't have to listen to the interpretations of a friend, a parent, a sibling about what they feel is the reason The Other is acting as they are... only YOUR perception can see the truth, gift, and lesson in any situation before you.  They can sometimes give you clues, but you put all the pieces together with your own intuition to find the meaning for you.

I thank all my Others for their roles in my life.  I breathe with trust that my lessons arrive at exactly the precise moment I need them.  I accept the challenges they embody.  I joyfully flow with the journey of my life.

and so it is

Friday, June 26, 2015

Accidental Power

I read a post on an Old Souls group today that talked about dreamers and idealists having 'accidental power'.  They don't have to strive for this power.  They don't have to plan it.  They, many times, don't even know they have it.  It's just a part of them.

It exists because of the way they view the world... their illusion.  It's full of good people and magic and angels willing to assist at any time.

The real power comes when they become aware of it.  Then it can be directed with intention.. beautiful empathic intention.

The awakened dreamer's power is no longer accidental, it's intentional and amplified.  Things just fall into place around them.  Others smile. Others agree.  Others trust and feel connection.

And so it is.  EE